It is essential for children to learn English from an early age in a globalized world. English as a second language will help to open more opportunities for them in the future. 

Aprende Leyendo runs English lessons during school holidays to encourage children to learn English as a second language. We welcome international volunteers who are native English speakers and are looking for a cultural experience abroad.

Help children to develop literacy skills and learn English while gaining teaching experience! This 2-month volunteer opportunity will give you plenty of hands-on teaching and community experience.



-Zac Winkler from Australia 🇦🇺

“It was quite a big step for me to volunteer in Colombia. It was my first solo trip overseas, and to a country, I knew little to nothing about. However almost immediately upon landing, any nerves or apprehension I had gone away completely as I was welcomed by the warm and friendly environment you will find everywhere you go in that incredible country. The project itself was an eye-opening experience. I learnt far more from the kids than I managed to teach. However, I felt even more motivated than I already was when I saw how genuinely keen the kids were to learn. They were positive, motivated, and hilarious – and that created a really good learning environment. I came to Colombia with zero Spanish and zero teaching experience and while it posed a challenge, it also meant I got a lot out of it. I felt a lot of support throughout the trip, and Manizales – the city I was based in – was incredibly safe and easy to immerse into. It proved to be an amazing adventure which I personally grew from, and I saw firsthand just how much learning English and supporting their literacy could change these kids’ lives. The entire experience was unforgettable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a trip with purpose and value.”