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Gift a new beginning this festive season

We don’t get to choose the opening chapter of our lives, but it’s never too late to change the story. 

Children born in low-income areas will hear 30 million fewer words than the average child. This Christmas, your generosity has the power to help turn the page on illiteracy and change a child’s story forever.

Make your gift even more special by personalising your selection, message and destination.

This year, every donation is a Christmas miracle

After the disruptions to the education system over the last two years, the literacy of millions has suffered. Without the learning support they need now, young children are at risk of becoming illiterate adults.

A donation, no matter how small, can change their story.

Just $10USD can provide a child with 3 books to help them lay the foundations for a brighter future, which is nothing short of a miracle.

Make your miracle personal

Give your donation an extra special touch by personalising your gift in just 3 steps.


Select how many books you want to gift this Christmas.


Write a special message to mark their new chapter of learning.


Choose to send them to a location or where they’re most needed.

Change Carolina's story

Change Carolina story this christmas

Eight-year-old Carolina fell behind with her reading during the last year. Her father is a taxi driver with limited income over the past 2 years which has made things difficult at home. Carolina dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up, but the daily struggle makes it tough to just learn the ABC’s.

Luckily, Carolina attends one of our reading programs at a local community hub with her younger brother. The program has been a vital resource to keep them learning during school shutdowns.

The reading classes and mentoring have made a huge difference. Carolina wants to be a teacher when she grows up to take care of people in his community. We think her dream will come true because the gift of literacy opens endless possibilities for children in need. 

A donation, no matter how small, can change Carolina’s story.

Carolina would love nothing more than to learn to read, yet like 60% of children from marginalised communities, she doesn’t own a single book. This Christmas, your gift can help change her story forever. A gift of $10USD will provide a child like Carolina with 3 books, and help them turn the page on illiteracy.

Christmas Change StoryThe COVID-19 crisis has reminded us of a simple fact: we need to take care of each other. The education of 1.27 billion children and youth has been affected by school closures due to COVID-19 this year. Families are facing immense financial stress and this is likely to affect parents’ decisions to support their children’s education. Our COVID-19 response teams and volunteers have reached over 2,500 families worldwide since March. Literacy packs and mentoring support have been delivered to help parents and encourage children to continue learning from home. But there is so much more to be done. This Christmas, please help lift a child out of poverty. We aim to reach 5,000 children and families who need vital literacy support by providing resources from book packs to weekly reading and writing mentoring. These will help children develop the skills to lift them out of poverty. Will you join us? The most vulnerable children in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia, and Africa who do not have access to remote learning opportunities like Esther need your support today!

Aprende Leyendo is also part of The World Literacy Foundation’s mission to ensure that all children, regardless of geographic location, have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills and books to reach their full potential.

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